Slick-Line services


  • Truck Mounted Double Drum Wireline unite with 0.108"/25,000 ft and 0.125” 20,000 ft Wire
  • Truck Mounted 16MT Crain with 60 ft reach
  • Carbon Steel (CO2 & H2S resistance)
  • 10,000 psi equipment rating
  • Lubricator & BOP 10,000 psi rating
  • 6x6 PETERBILT trucks


We Believe that our slickline new package is unique and suitable for your operations as its H2S resistance and pressure rating of 10,000 psi. When required pressure test is more than 4000 psi, then our unit is the only unit in Libya that can perform this operation as the API requirement is 1.5 more than the working according to API 6A and 16A of 1.5 safety margin between working pressure and pressure rating).  


  Services not limited to:


  • Clean-out operation
  • Gauge rings/cutting
  • Gas lift valve change out.