Artificial Lift

ITEC & Rimera entered Partnership to cover the Libyan market. Both companies established a state-of-the-art workshop located in the city of Benghazi.  

Rimera Group of Companies is one of the leaders in international market for the development, manufacturing, provision of rental, and maintenance of artificial lift equipment. We offer effective integrated solutions in production, completion, construction, and workover of oil and gas wells due to the unique set of engineering and service assets.


Rimera Group products meet the most stringent modern standards and in many cases are several years ahead of the market.
The company's R&D center offers innovative equipment and technologies for various types of complications that arise during well operation.
«Rimera-Alnas» guarantees that the quality and reliability of its ESP systems are of the highest level.
«Izhneftemash» plant manufactures the equipment used at most stages of the oil production process chain.
«Rimera-Service» network of workshops provides rental and services of supplied equipment.

Rimera group of Companies meets the best industry standards and guarantees stable quality and comprehensive industrial and environmental safety. The company maintains a 24/7 engineering support center for remote operation monitoring.

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Cable lines



Variable and fixed speed drives



Sucker-Rod Systems



Horizontal pumping systems